WHILDE Method Policy Page

WHILDE Method Services policies

  • For all Parents and Students of WHILDE, we have the following policies.

  • Any payment made confirms that the Parents and their Students agree to this Policy Document.

CALENDAR:  The WHILDE Method follows a quarterly calendar, and Students and their Parents commit to sessions for the entire quarter.

QTR 1: Fall                   09/05/22 – 12/03/22              QTR 3: Spring              03/19/23 – 06/17/23

QTR 2: Winter             12/04/22 – 03/18/23              QTR 4: Summer           06/18/23 – 09/02/23

Download the 2022.2023 WHILDE Calendar here

  • The calendar outlines all predetermined holidays. If the Student's session falls on a predetermined holiday, there is no session, and they are not charged for that day.

HEALTH:  In today’s environment, illness comes in many forms, and Parents must use good judgment in deciding to attend WHILDE for that day.  Please choose on the side of caution when determining if your child should attend a session.  In most cases, a session can be conducted via zoom.

COMMITMENT: At the WHILDE Method, we look for Students and parents who are committed to their academics and desire to continually grow and expand their minds.  Each session is essential, and the Students' attendance is expected.

  • There will be no makeup session for any Students’ absence. The Students’ timeslot is reserved for that Student, and time has been spent before the session preparing. Payment is still expected for any missed session unless previously discussed with the WHILDE Method Staff.

  • If, for any reason, a WHILDE Method Coach is unable to meet for a scheduled session, all efforts will be made to reschedule the session within two weeks. However, if that is not possible based on schedules, then a credit for that canceled session will be initiated.

  • Occasionally, a substitute Coach will meet with the Student at WHILDES’ discretion.

  • In cases of unpredictable circumstances, please discuss with WHILDE to determine if any flexibility can be made to accommodate a missed session. In all cases, no credits or refunds will be distributed for missed sessions unless noted above.

CANCELATION: The WHILDE Method does not follow any school district's cancellation and delay policies, mainly because our hours are different from the school day and conditions change throughout the day.

If there is inclement weather and either the WHILDE Coach or the Student cannot reach the Learning Center safely, then the session will be held online via Zoom, and communication will occur via email.

BEHAVIOR:  At the WHILDE Method, we ask that each Student treat their time at the WHILDE Method as a privilege and respect that others view their time at WHILDE similarly.  We ask that Students display a good attitude during their session, including a willingness to participate.

PRICING / PAYMENTS: The WHILDE Method's pricing is based on the current posted rates.

  • Pricing for the quarter is considered Tuition and will be presented on the invoice as one fee.

  • Occasionally, it may be determined to adjust the Academic plan within the middle of a Quarter. This will only occur if both the WHILDE Method and the Parent agree.  If this happens and service has changed, then pricing for the remainder of the Quarter will be adjusted accordingly.

  • The last 5-10 minutes of each session will be used to communicate with the Student's Parent or write internal notes on the session summary.

  • Any additional meetings outside the described will be billed out at $99.00/hour, and travel requested by the Parent will be billed at $0.75 per mile for time/mileage.

  • Payments are non-refundable and always in advance of the session.

  • Payments past seven days will no longer receive the pre-payment discount offered and will receive a 1.5% Monthly Surcharge.

GUARANTEE: There are no opportunities to cancel or drop out in the middle of a scheduled quarter unless the Student is new to the WHILDE Method (has not been a student within one year). There is still a commitment to the quarter schedule for all new students. However, the WHILDE Method offers a money-back guarantee if the Student is new to WHILDE and it is determined that WHILDE is not a good fit within the first two sessions.  Our guarantee reads:  If, after the Student's first two sessions, the Parent does not feel WHILDE is the right match for their Child, we will discuss a new strategy or a new Coach, OR we will refund you all Money paid for that quarter, whichever you prefer.